Configuring Active Directory integration in CCleaner Network

Configuring Active Directory in CCleaner Network:

  1. In the Network Tree, select the network name.
  2. Select Network Remote Installation.
  3. Select Add.
  4. Add the credentials of a user with sufficient access rights to list the Endpoints in the Operational Unit for the selected network.
  5. Select OK twice.
  6. Select Network > Active Directory
  7. In the Active Directory Settings dialog box, select Add.
  8. In the Add Organizational Unit dialog box, enter the LDAP path of the Operational Unit in the LDAP Path box. Use the syntax below.
  9. In the Credentials drop-down, select the user from step 4.
  10. Select OK twice.

LDAP Syntax:

The required LDAP format is:



  • [DomainController] is the name of the Domain Controller
  • [Port] is the port which the Domain Controller uses (the default is 389)
  • [OperationalUnitPath] is the path from the root to the Operational Unit
  • [DomainPath] is the domain in which the Operational Unit is located



This corresponds to the "developers" operational unit which is located in the "computers OU," belonging to the "" domain.


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