What Defraggler can and can't do

Defraggler has many abilities, but it can't do everything. Here's a list of what it can and can't do.

Defraggler can

  • Clean up your hard drive by defragging it
  • Display all fragmented files, including those the Windows utility would skip.
  • Defrag an entire drive, a folder, or one or more individual files
  • Defragment the free space on your drive by gathering all the free areas into a single large free space
  • Speed up your PC by placing pieces of files together
  • Run from a USB drive
  • Defragment drives sequentially (Ctrl+click the drives and press Defrag)
  • Defragment RAID drives

Defraggler can't

  • Defraggler can’t defragment files that are in use (so it may not always be able to reach 0% fragmentation)
  • Defraggler can't defragment multiple drives at once
  • Defraggler can't defragment NTFS drives with a cluster size greater than 64k
  • Defraggler may not be able to defragment damaged drives
  • Defraggler can’t work on network drives/NAS devices


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