Applications tab in CCleaner for Mac

Note: this article is relevant to version 1.18.30 of CCleaner for Mac and below.
You can also find helpful information about the latest version of our macOS app.


The sections and items that show up in CCleaner for Mac's Applications tab depend on which applications you have installed on your Mac.

If an application or type of application has many features (for example, with Firefox you can delete cookies, clear the download history, and so on), that application will have its own section, and you can select specific areas you want to clean.

If an application is simply listed in the Applications sections with no details, the cleaning process will typically clear out document history, visited URLs, and temporary files for that application.

Web Browsers (for example, Mozilla Firefox and Opera):

  • Internet Cache - HTML, images, and other files accumulated while you surfed the Web using that browser
  • Internet History - A list of the sites you visited and the dates on which you visited them
  • Cookies - Web cookies stored by each browser. Note that the cookie list in the Options section of CCleaner for Mac controls cookies for all browsers you have installed, not just Safari. For a further discussion of cookies, please see the Choosing which cookies to keep topic.
  • Download History - A list of files you downloaded through that browser
  • Session – For some browsers, you can save the session and reopen it at the later time. Session contains all saved and opened tabs.
  • Application Cache - The application cache stores temporary information to make the browser load faster
  • Site Preferences - This stores settings for certain sites (for example, allowing popups or a custom zoom level). Not every browser has site preferences.
  • Saved Form Information - User names, search terms, and anything else you typed into any forms that appeared in the browser's HTML canvas.
  • Saved Passwords - Web browsers can store passwords for pages you've visited

Other applications and utilities:

  • Applications - These refer to other applications you've installed. Some examples are iTunes, Adobe Flash Player, and Apple QuickTime.
  • Miscellaneous - Applications not in the application list above may also have caches. The Miscellaneous setting enables you to clean them all at once.


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