How to run Visual Basic scripts during the cleaning process in CCleaner for Windows

Running Visual Basic scripts during cleaning:

This short page contains instructions about running Visual Basic scripts during CCleaner's cleaning process and includes information about coding. If you're not familiar with coding, this page may not be suitable for you.

To skip to the instructions, go to How to run VBScripts below. 

Note: The contents of this page are aimed at advanced users of our app and may require a certain level of technical knowledge and expertise.

What is Visual Basic script? 

It is a type of scripting language developed by Microsoft that can be applied to websites or used to organize and manage files. 

Add instructions to any CCleaner INI file to run a VBScript:

We recommend that you place the scripts in the CCleaner application folder.

How to run VBScripts:

To run a VBscript, add a line that's similar to this one (to the INI file):

  • ScriptKey1=test.vbs

This runs a script called test.vbs located in the CCleaner application folder.

Use the full path to run scripts in other folders. For example:

  • ScriptKey2=c:\alarm.vbs

This runs the alarm.vbs script located in the root folder.

Note: You can't use the ScriptKey command to pass parameters to VBScripts.

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