Find out how your storage space is being used (CCleaner for Windows)

This page goes through what the Disk Analyzer is, how it helps you, and how to use it. To skip to Disk Analyzer's instructions or find more detailed information, start reading from Examine your storage space with Disk Analyzer further below. 

What is the Disk Analyzer?

The Disk Analyzer is a CCleaner tool that provides insight into how storage space is used on local drives.

How it helps you manage your storage space:

It can search through all available drives to display a breakdown of the different files on your system (and how much space each type of file is using.)


CCleaner Professional, Tools, Disk Analyzer window. See information below.


Examine your storage space with CCleaner for Windows:

  1. In CCleaner, click on the Tools icon on the left and then on Disk Analyzer.
  2. Select which categories of files you’d like to search for (or select Everything if you’d like to search for all file types).
  3. Select the drive(s) you’d like to analyze.
  4. Click Analyze. CCleaner will present a percentage breakdown of how space on your hard drive is being used, sorted by size.

Sort files by type, path, or date modified:

To sort by file type, path or date modified, click on each header. Or to see a more in-depth analysis of how storage space is being used, click on each category to view a sub-category. You can right-click on a chosen file and click Open Containing Folder to view the folder that this file is listed in or click Save to Text File to save this list for later comparison.

Select specific files and types of files:

You can also check the checkbox next to specific files, or use the Select Highlighted, Select All of Type, or Select All options in the right-click menu to select desired files so that you may then right-click once more and click Delete Selected Files if you wish to delete certain, unwanted files from this list.

Try running a clean before using Disk Analyzer:

If your disk is full and you are considering deleting files or upgrading your PC to gain more storage, we recommend running a clean first to see how much space can be freed up by deleting junk files. If you still need room afterward, you might consider locating large videos, pictures, documents, and so on using the Disk Analyzer, and moving them off the computer (to an external hard drive, USB Flash drive, cloud storage, etc.)

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