Create a text file that lists all your programs (CCleaner for Windows)

This page explains how creating a list of programs as a text file can help you and how to perform this action in CCleaner for Windows.

How creating a list of programs can help:

If you're upgrading your operating system or you're buying a new PC, it's useful to have a list of the programs you currently have on your computer for future reference. You can easily create a list of the programs on your PC via a text file in CCleaner. 

How to save the list as a text file with CCleaner: 

  1. In CCleaner, click the Tools icon at left.
  2. In the Uninstall screen, click the Save to text file button.
  3. Choose a location, type a name for the text file (the default is install.txt), and then click Save.

You can open the text file with Notepad or any text editor, and print it out if you need a hard copy.

Note: CCleaner normally includes program version numbers, install dates, and other data in the list, but not always, depending on the information a program's installer adds to the uninstall entry.

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