Clean Flash cookies with CCleaner for Windows

Using CCleaner to clean Flash cookies:

This page explains the purpose of Flash cookies and how you can clean them with CCleaner. For instructions about Flash cookie cleaning and settings, start from these sections near the bottom of this page.

  • Changing the default settings for Flash cookies
  • Using CCleaner to clean Adobe Flash cookies

What flash cookies are: 

A Flash cookie (also known as a Local Share Object, or LSO) is a collection of cookie-like data that a Web site running Adobe Flash can place on your hard drive.

What Flash cookies do:

Like regular cookies, Flash cookies contain information about when you visited the site and may contain tracking and settings information.

Why Flash cookies are different normal cookies:

Flash cookies are stealthier than regular cookies. Flash can install cookies on your computer without your permission by default.

CCleaner doesn't clean Flash cookies by default:

CCleaner leaves Flash cookies alone by default but you can still set it to clean them.

Changing the default settings for Flash cookies:

You can change the default setting for Flash cookies here. (Please click Allow third-party Flash content to store data on your computer.).

Using CCleaner to clean Adobe Flash Cookies:

  • In CCleaner, click the Custom Clean icon and then the Applications tab.
  • Under Multimedia, check Adobe Flash Player.

Note: Remember that cookies and Flash cookies are two separate things. Simply clearing the Adobe Flash Player setting will not set CCleaner to clean regular browser cookies.

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