FAQs relating to CCleaner v5.70

Why do I have new privacy settings? Have my privacy settings changed? 

In version v.5.70, the Privacy menu includes a new Offers section for both Free and Professional users. This new section gives you more transparency and control over the offers shown to you. It also delivers additional functionality to CCleaner Free users so they can opt out of seeing certain offers in the same manner that paying users currently enjoy. 

The settings exist as a result of feedback from our users, and are designed purely to deliver an improved user experience. All previously existing user privacy settings have been respected or in one case, made tighter. This is because the ‘Improvements’ setting ‘‘Help improve this app and our other products by sharing app-usage data with us” merges what were previously two previous settings in earlier versions of CCleaner. In this case, the most conservative settings have been enforced i.e. if you have previously opted out of either setting when they were listed separately, the new combined setting box remains unticked (opted out) and you will not share any data to help improve the CCleaner app or other products going forwards.

Why does your course of action alter that described in the forum?

Having investigated this issue, the data from these settings is being collected correctly and will apply. As such, we felt the best course of action was to leave these settings intact and let users enjoy their greater privacy controls right away.

I have used my privacy settings to opt out of offers within CCleaner. What does this mean?

The Privacy settings inside CCleaner currently deliver settings that allow users to control their experience inside the app, or once the app is installed (for example, not to see pop ups that might be promoting a sale).

We are working towards adding greater control for users to opt out of offers delivered as part of the install process, which will be made available at a later date.