Recovering Your Files

Note: Recuva does not come with any guarantee of successfully recovering any specific file. Chances for successful recovery vary on a large number of factors, and in short, there is no way to guarantee that the file can be recovered whole and usable.

Once you have selected or highlighted your files in the Results window, you're ready to attempt recovery of them.

  1. Right-click a file and then click one of the following:
    • Recover Highlighted - Recuva will recover only the file you've highlighted with the mouse - regardless of how many files you've marked with check boxes.
    • Recover Checked - Recuva recovers all the files you've marked with check boxes.
  1. Recuva will prompt you for a location to place the recovered files. We strongly recommend you select another drive. This will help with the recovery process and avoid problems where Recuva can end up overwriting the file it's trying to recover.

Note: When using LiveCDs like, for example, BartPE (based on Microsoft Windows XP), the dialog box may differ from full version systems dialogs, or not function at all. The dialog for the location to place the recovered files may look like:


Note: If you want to restore files in their original folder structure, select the Recovery options first.

  1. Click OK. Recuva recovers the files and presents you with a dialog box when it has completed. 

Note: Please check the files once you've recovered them to see if they are usable by opening them in their original application. Recuva will do its best to recover your files, but is not able to repair damage to the recovered files, and so if they are partially or fully overwritten, or otherwise damaged, you may not be able to recover them in a usable fashion.