How do I restore CCleaner's default settings?

You can do this in the Options > Advanced part of CCleaner. There are also three ways to restore default settings that we can show you.

Note: This article is aimed at advanced users of our app and may not be relevant to you if you only use CCleaner's default settings. 

1. Restore the default settings for everything:

This undoes all the changes you've made within CCleaner. 

  1. Open CCleaner > click Options > Advanced
  2. Click on the Restore default settings button

2. Restore the default settings for Custom Clean: 

This is specifically for the Windows or Applications tabs in Custom Clean. Click one of the two tabs and then right-click it. After this, click Restore default state to change the options back to the default cleaning settings.

3. Restore the default settings for cleaning files and software:

These are the apps and software shown in both the Windows and Applications tabs in Custom Clean, such as Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, etc.

However, you can also select types of files, such as Cookies, Empty Recycle Bin, etc.

Click a category, side-click it, and then click Restore default state to revert any category in Custom Clean to the default cleaning settings.

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