How can I clean using Health Check?

Open Health Check, and then skip to Start Health Check > Checking your PC's Health. After this, click on either the Privacy and Space tabs when you arrive at the Your PC feels under the weather screen.

Doing this should reveal some clearly labeled checkboxes, giving you specific options for the types of files you can clean with Health Check.

If you're happy with the cleaning options, return to the Your PC feels under the weather screen and click Make it better to let Health Check clean your PC. 

Note: You can change your cleaning preferences using the checkboxes in the tabs (as mentioned), but Health Check reverts to its default cleaning settings every time you restart it. 

What files can you clean with Health Check?

The Privacy tab contains browser data, and the Space tab contains junk files (or temporary files) from your Windows operating system. These are the types of files you can clean with Health Check

Want more in-depth, customizable cleaning? 

CCleaner's Custom Clean gives you more cleaning options and flexibility, ideal if you're an advanced user. Go to Custom Clean and click Analyze and then Clean.

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