What does Health Check do?

Health Check combines four popular CCleaner tools in 1 simple interface. This includes the ability to delete tracking data from your web browsers and save hard drive space. These are represented as the Privacy and Space categories (see the screenshot). 

Health Check and CCleaner Professional:

If you have CCleaner Professional, you can also use Health Check to speed up your PC by disabling unnecessary programs that run when you start your PC. The full version of Health Check also lets you update out-of-date software, helping with your cybersecurity. Both these functions display as the Speed and Security categories in the CCleaner interface (see the screenshot).


Health Check uses default settings for fast, safe PC optimization: 

This saves you the time and effort of customizing CCleaner's settings by yourself, giving you the confidence that Health Check only identifies files that are safe to delete and programs that are safe to disable or update, etc.

Edit Health Check's default settings: 

To customize Health Check, click on any of the categories shown in the screenshot above in the CCleaner app: Privacy, Space, Speed, and Security. Doing this presents you with another screen that gives you some simple options. For example, see the screenshot below for what the Privacy category looks like. On each screen for each category, you can check or uncheck the items you wish to clean, disable, or update.

Note: Health Check does not save your customization options, so you need to re-enter them again the next time you open the Health Check interface.


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