Why did I just get an email from Cleverbridge saying "Subscription canceled" a few days after I renewed?

This can happen for 1 of 2 reasons:

This page explains these reasons, including how our subscription renewal and cancellation process works.

1. If you upgrade from CCleaner Professional to CCleaner Professional Plus (when you renew), you can get the "Subscription canceled" email.

2. If you purchase a new license and start a new subscription, you can get the "Subscription canceled" email.

Within a few days, our systems do 2 things if either event occurs:

1. If you renewed early, we make sure that any time left on your old subscription gets automatically credited to your new subscription.

Note: This is done within 15 days (in most cases).

2. We cancel your old subscription so that, in the future, you don't get troubled by any duplicate billing on your old subscription.