I’m using Health Check. Can I customize what is being cleaned?

Health Check has basic customization options for cleaning web browser and operating system data. Click on either the Privacy or Space tabs on the 'Your PC feels under the weather' post-analysis screen. You can see the specific types of files from your web browser or system that Health Check has identified. You can clean these files.

Selecting cleaning options from the Privacy and Space tabs:

From these, you can either choose to continue with Health Check's default cleaning settings or select specific types of files that you want to clean via the checkboxes (see screenshots below). 

CCleaner Professional, Health Check, Privacy window

CCleaner Professional, Health Check, Space window

Health Check doesn't save your cleaning preferences:

Health Check reverts to its recommended default settings once you've finished cleaning and optimizing your computer. If you want to customize what Health Check cleans, you need to re-do this manually each time you use it using the method we mentioned above. 

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