What is Health Check?


Health Check is a new alternative to CCleaner’s traditional cleaning method (which is now called Custom Clean). Health Check provides a simpler, more intuitive interface than Custom Clean and uses everyday language to explain the types of files that can be cleaned. To make it easier for CCleaner users to understand the types of files to be cleaned, all files are categorized as to whether removing them will help your 'Privacy' or ‘Space'.

Files in the Privacy category are files that would be cleaned from your browsers, while the Space category encompasses your Recycle Bin, and the temporary system and application files that your PC no longer needs.

If you wish to customize your clean using Health Check, the purpose of each file type is explained so you better (for example, Temporary Internet Files are described as ‘Records of websites you visited’).

Health Check also includes two premium categories, Speed and Security, available to users of CCleaner Professional. 

The Speed category advises on programs that could be prevented from starting with Windows to help speed up the computer. Meanwhile, the Security category provides easy access to the Software Updater tool, allowing you to easily download updates to supported software, which are often offered to correct issues with the software’s security.

If you require more customization than Health Check provides, you are an advanced user, so we suggest that you use Custom Clean.