What is Health Check?

Health Check puts CCleaner's most popular tools in one simple, easy-to-understand interface. You can use it to delete tracking data from your web browsers, free up junk files from your operating system, and disable unwanted startup programs that could be slowing up your computer.

Health Check's post-analysis screen and how it works:

The screenshot below shows Health Check's Your PC feels under the weather post-analysis screen. Once Health Check has scanned your PC, it shows what you can do to clean and optimize your computer.

Note: The Speed and Security tabs are only available if you have CCleaner Professional.

CCleaner Professional, Health Check window

What we did to CCleaner's previous cleaning method:

We changed the name of Cleaner to Custom Clean.

Health Check's different tabs and what these mean:

For CCleaner Free: 

Privacy: Health Check cleans files in this tab from your web browsers.

Space: Health Check cleans your Recycle Bin and the temporary system and application files that your PC no longer needs.

For CCleaner Professional:

Speed: Health Check analyzes your PC and tells you which programs could be prevented from starting with Windows to help speed up your computer.

Security: Health Check allows you to easily download updates for your PC apps, helping to fix potential security weaknesses that could be lurking on your computer. 

Note: If you require more customization than Health Check provides, you are an advanced user, so we suggest that you use Custom Clean. You can also find Health Check's other functions located in the Tools tab within CCleaner. 

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