If I cancel my subscription before my license term ends, how do I get a refund?

Canceling your subscription does not cancel your license (see our Cancellation Refund Policy):

However, canceling your subscription does cancel the automatic renewal of your license. Your license remains active until the end of your license term (as a non-subscription license), and a refund isn't automatically applied.

What's the difference between a subscription and a license? 

1. Subscriptions: this is our agreement with you to auto-bill your chosen bank account (or payment method) once your CCleaner license needs to be renewed. 

2. Licenses: This allows you to use a CCleaner product for a specified amount of time. You don't need to make any additional payments to us during this time period (i.e. one year or two years). 

To cancel your license and arrange a refund, please contact our support team.