What happens if I change my contact details or bank details?

If you’ve purchased something from us, your license and account are identifiable via your email address, therefore it’s important that we have an up to date email address on file.

Additionally, an up to date email address ensures that you can utilize our License Lookup tool found at https://www.ccleaner.com/support/license-lookup

If your license is on an auto-renewal subscription based service, it’s especially important that we have an up to date email address and payment details because this allows us to contact you and process auto-renewal payments. 

With a subscription, an email reminder will be sent to you 15 days prior to when the automatic renewal billing event will occur to ensure that you are fully aware of how this will happen, and to give you the opportunity to change the payment details and/or cancel the subscription in the situation that it is no longer needed. If we do not have an up to date email address, we will not be able to deliver these subscription notices to you.

If your email address changes, simply contact our support team and they will update our records. 

For payment details, they can be easily updated directly from within CCleaner, using these steps:

  1. Open CCleaner > click ‘Options’ > ‘About’
  2. Click on the ‘License Information’ button
  3. Click ‘Manage Subscription’ > ‘UPDATE PAYMENT DETAILS’ 

More information on how to manage the auto-renewal subscription service can be found in our ‘How do I manage my subscription?’ article.

Note: Our products and associated information are delivered digitally, and as such, there is not a need for us to keep an up-to-date record of your physical and/or mailing address, nor do we need to be advised of changes to your phone number.