Why has CCleaner been updated?

In v5.36 we introduced a critical update feature designed to protect our users against security threats and to provision critical software updates to avoid scenarios such as loss of data or severe software/hardware conflicts. This is different to the automatic updater that CCleaner Professional users can opt out of.

Although critical updates are not common, they may be required from time to time. When a critical update is carried out, aside from the security and stability benefits that the update delivers, you will also get the added benefit of your PC getting a better clean (as with every monthly software release, we update CCleaner's cleaning definitions). You can read more about why it's important to keep software up to date in this blog post: 'Software updates.. why they're worth the hassle'.

Most recently, version 5.46 met the threshold for critical update as:

1. It ensured that users are on a version which won’t cause critical issues with Windows (it prevented the loss of personal settings in Chrome and the potential for broken graphics drivers after a Windows update)

2. It gave users additional privacy settings and included a link to our Data Factsheet, which offers complete transparency around the data that CCleaner can report and why. We felt this was important after listening to user feedback about changes made in v5.45.

It had the added benefit of moving updated users to a GDPR-compliant version (we released a compliant version of CCleaner in time for GDPR’s introduction but weren’t required to update everyone onto this version at that time).

We want as many users as possible on a stable and compliant version that includes the clearest privacy settings. For any questions, please contact us at: support@ccleaner.com