CCleaner for Windows v5.45: I’m using CCleaner v5.45. Why is Active Monitoring still on when I have switched it off?

This is a known error in CCleaner v5.45 that has been fixed in CCleaner v5.46 and above. We provide some background context about Active Monitoring, why it appears to stay on in certain versions of CCleaner, and you can also skip to 'The problem and how to solve it' section further below. 

What Active Monitoring is:

Active Monitoring is concerned with system and browser monitoring. It is a mechanism that triggers different actions that help keep your computer clean. For example, it activates automatic cleaning when you’ve reached a certain level of junk or close your browser. It also tells your system when a new CCleaner update is available, as using the latest version of CCleaner will ensure that your system gets the best clean. It does not and has never reported any data to us.

What we changed in CCleaner v5.45:

In version 5.45, as part of our ongoing mission to improve CCleaner and deliver a better customer experience, we introduced some features aimed at providing us with better aggregated, anonymous usage data that we can use to spot trends to improve our software, fix bugs more quickly and deliver a better user experience. CCleaner does not report any personally identifiable information.

The problem and how to solve it:

Why it wasn't clear when Active Monitoring was turned off:

Although the reporting of anonymous usage data was a completely separate function to Active Monitoring, they shared the same underlying mechanism, meaning in v5.45, it wasn't clear when Active Monitoring had been disabled. 

How to resolve this issue:

After listening to your feedback, version 5.46 resolved this issue by separating cleaning functionality (Active Monitoring) from analytics reporting, providing more user control options, and renaming some features to make their function clearer.

We also released a Data Factsheet with CCleaner v5.46:

This describes the data reported by CCleaner, why it's reported, and what it's used for. 

We recommend that you read our Data Factsheet and update it to the latest version of CCleaner



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