Why has Avast been installed to my machine?

During the CCleaner Free installation process we will always give you the option to install Avast antivirus.

The Avast install is optional and requires your consent. You can choose not to install Avast by pressing the ‘Decline’ button.


Avast is not offered during every CCleaner install. For example, if you have declined the option to install Avast recently, the offer won't be displayed again for a time. Nor will the install option be displayed if Avast is already installed. Therefore, if Avast is installed on your machine, it could be from a previous CCleaner install, where you would have been asked if you wanted to install Avast and were given the option to opt out.

We recommend you use antivirus software as it helps protect your PC, but if you feel it’s not for you, CCleaner can uninstall it (go to: Tools > Uninstall). If you are still having trouble please follow these instructions.

If you have any further questions, please send them to support@ccleaner.com so our team can help you.