How do I manage auto-starting programs?



What is the Startup tool?

Many programs on your computer will start automatically every time you start Windows. Having a lot of programs start that way will slow down boot time, and the increased memory usage can slow down your PC.

Not every program has to start automatically. You may decide to let some do so, but for the others, CCleaner gives you a way to disable them.

How do I manage auto-starting programs?

To manage which programs that start automatically:

  1. Click the Tools icon on the left, then click Startup
  2. You will see a list of all items that have been set to start automatically with Windows. Those that have been disabled will state ‘No’ in the Enabled column
  3. Then do one of the following:
    • To prevent a program from starting with Windows, select the program entry and click Disable.
    • To prevent a program from starting with Windows and to remove it from the auto-start list, select the program entry and click Delete.

 Which programs can I prevent from auto-starting?

It is important that you know what the program does before you disable it, as some programs start automatically for a reason. 

As a general rule, if you installed the program then it should be safe to disable it at startup. Some popular applications that run at startup include the Evernote app, messaging apps such as Skype, and gaming services such as Steam.

We would recommend that you use Google, or an alternative search engine, to research programs that you are unsure what they are used for before disabling them.

You may also try checking these startup items in databases such as: or

Alternately, users of our Professional software can use the Health Check function, and specifically its Speed section, to manage these startup entries automatically.