Running CCleaner for Android for the first time

CCleaner for Android needs to analyze your device before it can start cleaning. The analysis tells you which apps are using space and which ones have generated data that can be safely removed.

The Analyze screen is the first screen you will see when you open CCleaner for Android. If you're on another screen, just open the navigation drawer and tap Cleaner to get back to this screen.

Analyzing your device

Tap the Analyze button to start analyzing your device. The results you see fall into six main categories: Cache, History, Files and Folders, Other Caches, Call Logs, and Processes. The grey area shows the amount of storage space that can be reclaimed after cleaning.

You can tap on each card to get more options on what you want to clean and what you want to save.

Note: Devices running Android versions below 4.2 will also be able to scan SMS. This is not possible in later versions due to restrictions imposed by the Android OS.

Enabling Items For Cleaning

After the analysis, you will be able to select what you want CCleaner to clean.

There are two possible actions here:

  • Check the checkboxes to select or deselect the items you want to clean.
  • Tap the card in the list to see exactly what CCleaner for Android will clean.

Cleaning your device

When you are happy with your selection, tap Clean.

As CCleaner for Android cleans your device, you will see a progress bar. As each item on the list is completed, a blue tick appears in the circle on the right hand side of the card.
After a clean, you will be returned to the main CCleaner for Android menu. There you will notice a summary of your last clean. This shows exactly what was removed, and it details how much space was reclaimed during the clean.