CCleaner for Android has deleted important files

By default, CCleaner will not delete any of your personal files.

The only time that CCleaner for Android could clean any of your personal files (such as photos) is if they are:

  • Still in your Downloads Folder (i.e. you've downloaded them and not moved them anywhere else)
  • In your Bluetooth Folder (similar to downloads)
  • If you have manually included the location of the files in the settings for cleaning.

For this reason, you will want to move the important files in the Downloads and/or Bluetooth folders to another location for storage.

You can also disable the Downloaded Files folder contents and Bluetooth Folder cleaning options in the settings. To access settings, tap the CCleaner logo and tap Settings. Tap Customise Analyses and uncheck Downloaded Files and Bluetooth Folder.

From Settings, you can also add custom files and folders to be cleaned. Tap Custom Files and Folders Add, then select the file or folder you would like to add.

Note: Be very careful when you add custom files or folders, as any content of the selected folders will be deleted when your device is cleaned.