Setting up CCleaner Business Edition for LabTech

LabTech users can integrate CCleaner Business Edition into their Managed Service Provider offerings. Licenses for CCleaner Business Edition for LabTech are available from LabTech and are charged per endpoint (per seat).


Setting up

Before installation

  1. Installer must be run on the LabTech server.
  2. The LTShare folder must be shared and accessible via "\\localhost\LTShare\
  3. The LabTech server must be connected to the Internet.


  1. Double click on the CCleaner Business Edition for LabTech installer (provided by LabTech).
  2. Enter your LabTech username and password – these are the same credentials you use to login to the LabTech Control Center.
  3. Enter the CCleaner Business Edition license key supplied by LabTech (e.g. ABCD-6RB2-ZK6T-U23G-1234). This license will be used every time you deploy CCleaner Business Edition to one of your endpoints.
  4. Plugin installed.


To update CCleaner Business Edition for LabTech to the latest version, download the latest version of the installer from LabTech and just reinstall.


Using the LabTech tools

After you have installed the CCleaner Business Edition for LabTech plugin, log into the LabTech Control Center and you will see a new folder named "Piriform" under the scripts section.

There are 3 scripts available:

  1. CCleaner – Clean Files: This script can be used to run CCleaner immediately, or schedule a repeating/one-off clean at a later time. If this script detects that another version of CCleaner is already installed on the endpoint, it will be uninstalled first. Then, if necessary, CCleaner Business Edition will be installed using the license entered during the plugin setup and the Cleaner will be run with the rule settings specified below.
  2. CCleaner - Update: This updates CCleaner Business Edition to the latest version.
  3. CCleaner - Uninstall: This uninstalls CCleaner Business Edition from the endpoint.


What will be cleaned?

The default rule settings for CCleaner Business Edition for LabTech are exactly the same as CCleaner Business Edition, except the Recycle Bin will not be cleaned and background updates are disabled.


Controlling what is cleaned

You can enable or disable any rule in CCleaner Business Edition by editing the rule settings. These settings are defined in the ccleaner.ini file and by default, CCleaner Business Edition for LabTech uses the ccleaner.ini in /ltshare/Transfer/Piriform.

Full documentation on how to customize the ini files are available here

You can specify a different ccleaner.ini for any location.

To define the rule set by location:

  1. Create a new ccleaner.ini in \\localhost\LTShare\Transfer\Piriform\%Clientname_LocationName%.ini
  2. Paste the name of the settings file into Location > Info > Piriform > CCleaner INI File Name


Changing the license

This can be done by editing the value in:

Dashboard > Config > Configurations > Properties > CCleaner-KEY


Preventing endpoints from being cleaned

You can prevent Servers being cleaned in a specific location by checking Do Not Clean Servers in  Location > Info > Piriform.  This option is checked by default.

You can prevent the CCleaner – Clean Files script being run on any individual endpoint by checking the Skip CCleaner Cleanup option. To do this, double-click the endpoint and go to Info > Piriform.



There are three reports provided in Location, Group > View Reports > Piriform > %ReportName%

  • CCleaner Daily Cleanup Summary
  • CCleaner Monthly Cleanup Summary
  • CCleaner Weekly Cleanup Summary

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