Business product range

Our current Business products are as follows :

CCleaner Business Edition:

A standalone version of CCleaner designed with ease of deployment in mind. CCleaner Business Edition incorporates essential scripting features and command line options allowing for automated deployment and operation, keeping your computers optimized and secure.

CCleaner Technician Edition:

CCleaner Technician Edition brings all the features and capabilities of the CCleaner Business Edition, with the additional licensing terms to allow for the flexibility required by technicians and break/fix companies to utilize CCleaner on the machines of their clients.

CCleaner Network Professional:

A specially developed version of CCleaner designed for Network Administrators and Managers working in environments that require remote deployment, management and operation of the highly regarded optimization capabilities of CCleaner. CCleaner Network Professional brings a centrally managed solution your infrastructure, allowing for CCleaner to be operated across your network and ensuring all of your Endpoints are kept clean and optimized at the click of a button.

This product is no longer available for sale, but you can find more about our other tools. If you are a CCleaner Network customer, we've notified you about this change via email. For help, you can contact us on:

Defraggler Business Edition:

Defragment all of your drives or just individual files. Defraggler Business Edition incorporates Defraggler’s standard features and combines them with the ability to fully script the deployment and operation.

Recuva Business Edition:

Recover deleted files, perform secure deletion and create drive images. Recuva Business Edition provides a range of powerful features to reduce the chance of important files being compromised, either from accidental deletion or unsecure removal.

Speccy Business Edition:

Speccy lets you see all the crucial information about the system from Processor specifications though to the type of Network adaptor installed. You can create system information reports, view detailed information about the hardware within your system and even get information about Antivirus or Firewall software that is installed.

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