Migrating the Management Console and Service to new Endpoint

Moving the Management Console and Service from and existing endpoint to a new one can be achieved using the following process:

Obtain the Network password from the existing configuration

  1. Right-click on the relevant Network in the tree on the left hand side of the Console and select Edit network.


  2. Next to the password field click [Show] to reveal the password.


  3. Copy and save the password, you will require it later.

Export the settings from the old system

  1. Navigate to \Program Files (x86)\CCleaner Network\Management Console

    Take a copy of:

    • CCNP-Console.exe.config
  2. Navigate to \Program Files (x86)\CCleaner Network\Management Server

    Take a copy of:

    • ACModel
    • config.xml

Import the settings to the new system

  1. Install CCleaner Network on the new machine using the normal CCleaner Network installation procedure.
  2. Open the CCleaner Network Management Console and register the Network using the same registration key as used on your existing configuration, once complete close the Console.
  3. Stop the CCleaner Network Management Service. To do this navigate to \Program Files (x86)\CCleaner Network\Management Service Configuration and run ServiceConfigTool.exe. From within the Service Config Tool, you can stop the Service using the stop button.
  4. Take config files copied from the existing configuration and deploy them into the relevant directories of the new machine:

    Copy CCNP-Console.exe.config into \Program Files (x86)\CCleaner Network\Management Console

    Copy ACModel and config.xml into \Program Files (x86)\CCleaner Network\Management Server

  5. Start the CCleaner Network Management Service using the Service Config Tool.
  6. Open the CCleaner Network Management Console, right-click on Local Network > Edit network, enter the network password obtained from the existing configuration earlier.
  7. After entering the password, right-click on Local Network > Connect.

That's it. Migration complete!