Updating CCleaner Network

How do I know if I'm using the latest version?

In the Management Console, just select Help > Check for updates... If a component requires an update then this will be displayed and you decide which you would like to download.

Note that in some circumstances, you may need to run Check for updates... twice to get all components up to date.

Can I control when the components update?

Yes.  You are in complete charge of which updates are downloaded and installed. If you choose to update the Console and Service, these installers will start automatically.  Rolling out an update to the Endpoint Agent is then controlled from within the Console.

Can I update all the Endpoint Agents in a single click?

Yes.  After you have downloaded the update, just right click the network and select Remote upgrade Agent. You can also deploy on a per Group basis, or even one host at a time.

Updating multiple networks

If you have multiple networks, then you also update from the Console.


 In this example, you have 2 networks.  Local Network and Local Network2.  Both require updates to the Service and Endpoint Agent. Note if you have multiple Consoles, you can only update the Console that you are currently logged in to.