Deploying the Endpoint Agent

CCleaner Network requires an Endpoint Agent to be installed on every host that you wish to maintain. There are 2 methods of deployment.

1. Remote Installation

To perform a remote installation of the Endpoint Agent, you will need Administrator credentials for each host or the Domain.  These credentials can either be specified for each Endpoint, or you can use a default set which are defined per Group.

  1. Run Scan for hosts or add your host manually.
    (Advanced Host Detection in the Network menu, can assist if you have trouble with either of the previous methods.)
  2. Enter the credentials of the host (these can be defined per Endpoint, or per Group as explained here)
  3. Right click the Endpoint or Group and select Remote install agent

Note: Remote deployment requires UAC to be disabled on the Endpoint for computers running Windows Vista or newer.

2. Local installation

You can create an installer for the Endpoint Agent from within the Management Console.

This will create an .MSI file that can be run on the Endpoint, or deployed across your network using an existing software deployment method (e.g. Group Policy or a script).

After you have deployed the Endpoint Agent using this method, you just need to Scan for hosts and all the Endpoints will added to your network within the Management Console.


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