Understanding the Architecture

CCleaner Network consists of 3 components:

  1. Management Console
    This is the main graphical user interface that is used to manage the entire product.
  2. Management Service
    This runs on a local server or administrators computer and handles all the communication to the hosts on a network. This is separate to the Management Console to allow for multiple administrators.
  3. Endpoint Agent
    This runs on every computer on the network to do the actual cleaning and auditing tasks. The results of which are displayed in the Management Console.

During the installation, you will be asked to specify where you want these components installed.

The following setups are available:


For small networking environments with a single Network Admin or no local servers. The simplest setup is to have the Management Console and the Management Service installed on the same host.  This is the default action for the installer, so no additional configuration is necessary by the user.


For larger networks with multiple Network Admins and a local server. This setup involves installing the Management Service onto a local server, and then installing the Management Console onto each of the Administrators computers. The multiple Management Consoles can then connect to the Management Service from any point on the network, or remotely via VPN.


For managing multiple networks or sites. This is same as the above "Many-to-one" setup except it adds multiple Management Services. In this case you will need to install a Management Service onto a server within each network. The benefit is that a single Management Console can simultaneously connect to every site, and manage them all from a single point. We recommend this approach for Managed Service Providers and Enterprise deployments.


This product is no longer available for sale, but you can find more about our other tools. If you are a CCleaner Network customer, we've notified you about this change via email. For help, you can contact us on: sales@ccleaner.com

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