Adding computers with Active Directory

If you use Active Directory within your organization then you can include this in your network scan. 

Step 1 - Enter user credentials

Click on Network > Remote Installation in the main menu. Enter the user credentials with sufficient access rights to list the computers in the Operational Unit you wish to maintain. 

Step 2 - Add Organizational Unit

Click on Network > Active Directory and enter the LDAP path of the Operational Unit you wish to maintain and link credentials entered in step 1.

The required LDAP format is:



[DomainController] - This is the name of the Domain Controller.
[Port] - Port on which the Domain Controller handles (default is 389).
[OperationalUnitPath] - The path from the root to the Operational Unit one wants to list.
[DomainPath] - The Domain in which the Operational Unit is located.



This corresponds to the "developers" operational unit which is located in the "computers OU" and they belong to the "" domain.

Step 3 - Scan network

  1. Right click the network and select Scan for hosts