Call Log and SMS cleaning in CCleaner Android

Both call logs and SMS messages can be cleaned with CCleaner for Android.

Note: SMS cleaning is only available on Android versions v4.0-v4.1. In Android v4.2, Google removed the ability for 3rd-party apps to delete SMS messages.

To view your call logs/SMS, tap Analyse at the bottom of the screen. CCleaner will then analyse your device and find data to clean.

Tapping on the larger Call Logs or SMS box brings up a list of Call Logs/SMS which can be deleted individually. Tapping on the check box brings up the following options, sorted by Incoming, Outgoing and Missed:

  • Older than 3 months
  • Older than 1 month
  • Older than 2 weeks
  • All
  • Nothing

Once you have selected what you want to clean, tap Clean in order to delete the selected call logs/SMS. Note that this will also delete anything else you might have selected to clean, such as cache, browser history etc.