What can Speccy do

Speccy is a system information utility that provides in-depth information about the computer and all of its hardware, all from within a well organized, intuitive interface.

The Speccy menu includes Summary, Operating System, CPU, RAM, Motherboard, Graphics, Hard Drives, Optical Drives, Audio, Peripherals and Networks

If you're like most of us, you can probably name the processor in your PC (Intel or AMD, Celeron or Pentium), maybe how much RAM it has, and maybe how big the hard drive is.

But, there is much more information available about your computer and Speccy can show you all of it. Whether you need to know about your processor, graphics card, operating system, or other software and hardware you've got installed, Speccy has you covered.

You can also review detailed graphs showing important information about the critical components of your system, in real-time, including but not limited to the operating temperatures of your processor and motherboard, the health of the hard drive, and how memory is being allocated, giving you instant information about any modern Windows-based PC.

Speccy showing the status of a PC hard drive

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