Scheduling Defraggler

Scheduling Defraggler:

You can set up Defraggler to run automatically in the background, by setting up a scheduled task. 

  1. From the main window, select Settings, and then click the Schedule option.
  2. Select the drive you want to schedule Defraggler to defragment from the Drive drop-down box.
  3. Check Schedule defragmentation for chosen volume.
  4. In the Period area, choose how often you want Defraggler to run (once, daily, weekly or monthly) or when (at Startup, at Logon, when idle).
  5. Select the date and time when you want Defraggler to start.
  6. If you want to add a scheduled entry for another drive, repeat Steps 3 to 6, selecting the new drive from the Drive drop-down box.


  • The Optimization process for SSDs cannot be scheduled on Defraggler due to safety reasons, to prevent any possible damage to the SSD drive on your device.

Defraggler schedule settings. See information above.


  • While running your Defraggler in Schedule mode, you won’t get notified while the software is defragging your device.

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