What is Active Monitoring?

This page explains what Active Monitoring is, what System Monitoring is, and how to use them.

Why Monitoring is out-of-date CCleaner functionality:

Monitoring is a feature we renamed and updated in CCleaner v5.46 and beyond.

We highly recommend you update to the latest version of our software to enjoy many improved features and reduce your cybersecurity risk. 

Update to the latest version.

How Active Monitoring cleans junk files automatically:

Active Monitoring runs in the background and lets CCleaner monitor your computer in the background, so you don't have to worry about your PC maintenance.

System Monitoring checks your system and notifies you when it's a good idea to clean your computer. 

If you'd prefer CCleaner didn't monitor your system, you can turn off Monitoring using these steps:

  1. Open CCleaner, then click Options > Monitoring
  2. Disable System Monitoring by unchecking Enable System Monitoring
  3. Disable Active Monitoring by unchecking Enable Active Monitoring. Click Yes when the confirmation box appears

CCleaner Professional, Options, Monitoring window. See information above.


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