What is CCleaner Professional Plus?

CCleaner Professional Plus is a three-in-1 bundle, including CCleaner, Recuva and Speccy. You get all of these at a 50% discount compared to if you buy them individually. 

Go to the section entitled About the 3 products included with CCleaner Professional Plus further down this page to find out more about these products. 

Note: A single CCleaner Professional Plus license can be used on up to three household devices.

What's included in all 3 products?

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About the 3 products included with CCleaner Professional Plus:

CCleaner Professional:

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Note: Recuva and Speccy are available for Windows only.

Recuva Professional:

It lets you recover deleted files from your computer or external storage devices, such as SD cards, flash drives, and external hard drives. With Recuva Professional, you can also create, mount, scan, and recover files from VHD (Virtual Hard Disk) images to protect against data overwriting.

Speccy Professional:

It provides in-depth information about your computer and all of its hardware, all from a simple, intuitive interface.

You can even review detailed graphs that show important information about your system's critical components in real-time. Here are some examples:

  • The operating temperatures of your processor and motherboard
  • The health of your hard drive
  • How your computer memory is allocated

In summary, it gives you instant information about any modern Windows-based PC.

If you're a technical user, Speccy Professional also gives you the benefit of scriptable XML and TXT export support, using the /xmlexport and /txtexport parameters.

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