How do I use Custom Clean?

You can access Custom Clean from the CCleaner main menu. This page explains what it is and how to use it. We recommend Custom Clean for advanced users of our app and Health Check for more casual users. 

What is Custom Clean?

Custom Clean is a function within CCleaner that allows you to customize how the app cleans different parts of your PC, such as your operating system and applications (like web browsers).

How to use the Windows and Applications tabs:

1. What these tabs are:

Opening Custom Clean reveals two tabs labeled Windows and Applications. Each one has a series of checkboxes underneath it, giving you a series of cleaning options for particular apps (like Firefox) or specific Windows software (like Windows Explorer). See the screenshots below for reference. 

2. Choosing the data you want to clean:

Select the checkboxes in either tab that are most relevant to your needs and click the Analyze button. This instructs Custom Clean to scan your PC for the types of data you've chosen. If you're happy with what Custom Clean finds, click Run Cleaner to clean this data from your computer.

Note: If you're not sure what a particular checkbox option does, we don't recommend selecting it. Custom Clean is set up with handy default settings to get around this problem. 

3. What to do after running a clean:

You should see a summary screen showing the applications you just cleaned. Double-click a specific application's name in the Cleaning Complete summary screen to see the files removed by Custom Clean in the cleaning operation.

If you're unsure what the summary screen is, skip to What the cleaning summary screen looks like further below.

Custom Clean's default settings:

CCleaner comes with default settings for Windows and Applications. You can see these as the checkboxes that are already ticked. Grey checkboxes without a tick don't get cleaned by default (but you can select them.) Please see the screenshots below for reference.

What the Applications tab looks like:

CCleaner Professional, Custom Clean, Applications window

Note: The cleaning options you select for Windows and Applications (or the default settings) always get analyzed or cleaned by CCleaner when you click Analyze or Run Cleaner. It's not possible to clean one tab and not clean the other.  

What the Windows tab looks like:

CCleaner Professional, Custom Clean, Windows window, Analysis complete

What the cleaning summary screen looks like: 

CCleaner Professional, Custom Clean, Applications window, Cleaning complete

Note: It’s normal for there to be a small degree of variation between these two sets of results. This is because files get created or deleted automatically (in between the Analyze and Run Cleaner steps.)

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