Problems activating or registering CCleaner Professional

In general, registration problems are a result of a small typing error when inputting your details into the registration dialog.

Please use copy and paste to enter the details.

It's worth noting:

  • Our keys don't contain the number 1 (one)
  • If you've typed a number one, try changing this to the letter i
  • The Name field should contain your registration name - your email won't work here

Watch this short video to learn how to activate and register your copy of CCleaner Professional with your product license key:

Alternative Issues:

"Failed to save registration key" - This usually means you are not running CCleaner with the correct permissions.

To resolve this issue, please run CCleaner as the Administrator. To do this:

  1. Right-click on the CCleaner icon
  2. Select Run as Administrator
  3. Now re-enter your registration details in the pop-up

*If the registration box does not appear go to Options > About > Click 'Register' or 'Upgrade to Pro'.*