Is the WireGuard protocol tested and proven to improve the speed of Kamo’s Private Connection (VPN) feature? 

Yes. We measured the performance of WireGuard protocol versus OpenVPN protocol on a monthly basis. Data confirmed that, on average, WireGuard protocol was 35% faster than OpenVPN protocol (71.36 Mbps vs 52.67 Mbps). Manual tests also supported this result.

Wireguard was also found to have lower latency, from - 9% to up to -50%, compared to OpenVPN.

We conducted these tests using speed telemetry data from all Avast SecureLine VPN and AVG Secure VPN users on Windows PCs. Kamo’s Private Connection uses the same technology and server infrastructure as Avast SecureLine VPN and AVG Secure VPN.

Note: Private Connection’s speed may vary depending on what other features and tools you choose to run in Kamo at the same time. Your PC setup, network provider, and location can also have an impact.

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