How can I manage my settings for CCleaner Android?

To access the settings for CCleaner Android, tap the linesicons.png menu icon at the top-left of the app interface, tap Settings, then tap a category to manage the related settings. The following settings are available:

General CCleaner Android settings:

  • Remove ads: tap Remove ads to go through the steps to upgrade to a CCleaner Android Pro subscription. After upgrading, this setting disappears and you will no longer see ads in the app.
  • Notifications: tap each reminder or warning type to enable, disable, or specify parameters for a notification.


Advanced CCleaner Android Pro settings:

  • Scheduler: turn cleanup3_on_16.png ON automatic cleaning to clean your device regularly based on your specifications. Set the frequency and minimum amount of space you want to clean each time.


Premium settings are marked as Pro. If you do not already have a CCleaner Android Pro subscription, tap Become Pro to proceed to the purchase screen.

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